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This site is both authored and owned by the owner of this DJ company: Raju Kallumkal.

Raju is a Computer Systems Engineer and has been working in the IT field for the past 20 years in various roles. In addition to this work, the author has helped small communities host their events on numerous occasions, and so he has an extensive background in sound systems and leadership.

DJ-Raj is also a part-time hobby singer in both Indian music and Western music and has had stage performances in front of audiences for their entertainment since the young age of four. He has also worked for a short term as a DJ for one or two of the bigger outfits. Add to this the fact that DJ-Raj is an avid meditant - having practiced his own home-grown variety of meditation since he was just 12 years old.

When you put these skill sets together and you have an extroverted DJ with an extra-ordinary combination of talent: that promises to deliver fun and excitement regardless of the occasion you wish to have hosted.

This smattering of skillsets also allows us to keep our overhead costs low and pass the savings on to you.

   DJ-Raj (Systems Engineer/DJ)

(serving the Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Toronto Regions)