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The 16 Must Have Free Tools for A Dream Wedding

No Bride Should Avoid Checking These:

  • Wedding Budget Calculators
  • Timelines with Checklists for Everything
  • Apps to Manage Finances, Vendors…
  • Unique or Offbeat Ideas for Weddings
  • Inspiration for DIY Brides and more…

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How did we know what to expect from this? We didn’t. When we took the plunge, we got exactly what was promised – including an “unsubscribe link” – which we fortunately didn’t need to use. The information provided was such a lifesaver – especially the budget at a quick view – it allows you to expand and contract sections of your budget, and has a handy phone app too -chock full of information that is handy to have – like the ad says! It really is well done research… and there is no obligation to ProMixDJ.

- Customer Comment

We had our first wedding – not knowing what to expect – the phone apps for ease of use were a “no-brainer” – apart from saving us time and headaches planning, we benefitted from those emails – While some ideas were obvious – others were priceless – We couldn’t thank our DJ enough! Thank you So-o-o-o much DJ-Raj!

- Customer Comment

Isn’t this a sales pitch? We’d love to have your business for sure… However, in order to keep our emails out of the trash or out of your spam trap – we have to minimize the pitch and maximize your gain. At most you will see a few lines at the bottom on an email reminding you that we exist, while 90% of an email will contain the information you ‘ve asked for.

- Sales Rep

Why should we trust that you aren’t a fly by night advertiser with cheap marketing hype? We can’t earn your business, if we don’t prove ourselves… Alternatively, you can peruse our website to figure out if we are legitimate. Our social proof with videos should stand second to none.

- ProMixDJ Owner