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How did we know what to expect from this? We didn’t. When we took the plunge, we got exactly what was promised. The information provided was really important to us – especially figuring out the differences in service between low and higher priced DJs – it really helps make or break your wedding entertainment! It really is well thought out document that applies to DJs in general… and there are no obligations to ProMixDJ.

- Customer Comment

This is a really long read! But, while some of the information is obvious, some of it really surprised us. We didn’t know a DJ could do so much for our wedding! This was a really welcome read, and is a “must-have” for anyone planning their wedding entertainment. You can’t avoid needing the DJ to be anything short of awesome – and this book tells you how at no-cost except some of your time.

- Customer Comment

Isn’t this a sales pitch? We’d love to have your business for sure… However, in order to keep us at the top of your mind – we have to minimize the pitch and maximize your gain. You will be getting a document that describes DJ services independent of our service and it will give you an idea as to where we stand with respect to the information presented. The rest is up to you!

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Why should we trust that you aren’t a fly by night advertiser with cheap marketing hype? We can’t earn your business, if we don’t prove ourselves… Alternatively, you can peruse our website to figure out if we are legitimate… Our social proof with videos should stand second to none.

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