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We use equipment from manufacturers that have made a name for themselves in the music industry, so that we can give our customers the confidence that they are purchasing services with good quality equipment.

We also take pride in assuring that the equipment are kept in very good condition. We do so by using specially designed cases for nearly everything we transport to and from an event location, since transit is where we believe that many companies incur about 90% of equipment damage.

It is a given that over time, use causes equipment to wear down... and we are careful to build the replacement cost in our rates, while simultaneously spreading our risk over many customers.

Our equipment are made by the following manufacturers:

  • Sure: Our wired microphones and wireless microphones
  • Yamaha, Mackie, Samson: Our mixers
  • Mackie, JBL, Peavey: Our speakers
  • American DJ: our DJ lights
  • Pioneer: Our DJ console
  • Traktor Pro: Our primary DJ software
  • MIXXX: Our backup DJ software
  • Audacity: Our music editing software
  • Line 6: Our echo effects pedal for vocals and guitar
  • Peavey: Our guitar amp for rent
  • Ibanez: Our electric guitar for rent
  • Note: We'll rent equipment too, if you see something you like elesewhere for rent, or would like us to find something for you.

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       DJ-Raj (Systems Engineer/DJ)
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