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Above Image

A community Christmas celebration in December 2013 with DJ-Raj and his Dad at the Ron Kolbus Center (owned and run by the City of Ottawa)

Equipment pictured: gateway laptop, Mackie 16 channel mixer, part of a wireless mic and a lot of mess.... Other equipment used: stage lights, 4 wired mics + 2 wireless mics, several mic stands, 2 powered mackie speakers, peavey monitor, TOA public address system amplifier, lots of wires, power chords and connectors)

Small Videos on the right

Don't hesitate to click the 10-15 second dance videos on the right - they show up on cell phones fine too and are small on purpose. Be sure to check out our Video Wall in our links - though this may take much longer to load as there are 10-15 videos there.

Our videos are done in such a way that you can see the same setup for each one - they are entirely legitimate - not Internet rip-offs.

To The Right: The video clips on the right were taken at various events starting at the top:

  • an outdoor wedding reception
  • a birthday party
  • an MBA gala
  • a stag and doe
  • a stag and doe
  • more videos...

Our commitment to more proof

More images and videos will come as we take them for the website. It's not easy to get good images - as it depends partially on the photographer, and movements tend to blur the image - but if there is enough light from the flash, you won't see the lights too well and it is hard to get everyone in the picture: the dancers and the DJ at the same time - unless they're in the same place. So, if you take images at our parties that you would be ok in posting - let us know. We will try too.

A gala DJ-Raj worked recently with lasers and DJ lights.

Wedding Event Comments shared:

  • Pace and Miller: The DJ was not as you see on his website. He's not as serious as it portrays. He knows how to let out, make minor announcements, dance and turn the dance floor into a high energy event - everyone was dancing - both young and old. He played almost all of our requests. We have no regrets hiring him - we only wish we had more time!
Here is the picture of a set up for a party that DJ-Raj was at: (click to see a larger image)

The picture below, is of a wedding setup done by ProMixDJ: (this image is as good as it gets)


   DJ-Raj (Systems Engineer/DJ)