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A sample partial list of our Songs.

Our Music Collection's Range

Our music collection is composed of CDs starting with music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, onwards till today. We try to keep ourselves abreast of all the new developments in dance music as well.

It's not a collection of just any old music CDs with over 5000 songs in our library...

The web page that is used for your selection has most of the top 200 dance requests in the past year and has greater than 420 dance songs that fall in the top 40 category since the 60s - so your guests will have plenty of music to dance to.

Interesting sidenote: At an average of three minutes per song that is over 1200 minutes or near 20 hours of dance music to choose from.

Need more?....

If there are songs outside of our range that you'd like, give us the mp3s, or let us know and we'll see if it makes sense to chase down legal copies of the songs for you.

How to Search Our Collection

Check out our songs list and use your browser's find button to see if songs you are aware of are present. There are now over five thousand songs to choose from and you can peruse about 4800 of them by clicking on the Songs link on the left, only available from this page. It is only a listing of the content of our CDs and isn't in any particular order and it doesn't cover our entire library.

Our Available Styles

We have all kinds of styles of music covering the following genres: Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggea, Pop, Dance, Rap, Country and Bollywood music at this point in time. We also have Christmas songs, and songs to cover dinners - and you can feel free to help us choose songs to play at your event by picking the songs you like and even mentioning the ones you don't like. If there are songs you wish to have for your event that you don't see, let us know and we will make efforts to obtain it for you.


We have music specifically sorted for various parts of a wedding, such as dinner music, processional music, first dance etc.... For our available wedding selections of music check here.

How Does Our DJ Keep Track of All That?

Our music is fully annotated - and a spare computer on site is always used to help ensure that you have full search capabilities at an event we DJ.

We Make Changes From Time to Time

Up until recently we had been changing the publicly visible list, but now it serves as an example of the music we carry. More and more people simply make requests for music and we are able to get them on the fly.

We will also be building software that will allow you to save selections of songs for your event (we use the numbers for now).

Some NOTES on the collection listing: There may be numerous repetitions as many of the CDs have overlapping content. There may also be sections where the artists are listed as "Various" - or various pieces missing. This is because the CD the music came with didn't have the artist names/song names. Where possible and of interest, the song names have been filled in. Occasionally, you might see some blank spaces too. It is a work in progress as more music gets added and some taken away. The list you are given to choose songs from will be either shortened or annotated, if you decide to make use of our services.

Songs List Last Updated: (no longer being updated publicly) Feb 24, 2014. Added some Black Eyed Peas, Stevie Wonder
April 21, 2014. Added some recent hits: Nicki Minaj: Super Bass, Carly Rae Jepson: Call Me Maybe, J.Lo: On The Floor, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Lady Gaga, Tim McGraw, Johnny Cash, Lmfao, Flo Rida, Big & Rich...
July 21, 2014. Added "Happy", Justin Timberlake "suit & Tie", and some Jason Mraz, Luther Vandross, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry
Oct 1, 2014. Added some wedding music entrance music, Ed-Sheeran, Florida Georgia Line, Great Big Sea, Katy Perry, One Republic, Ariana Grande, Guns'n Roses, Milky Chance, Pitbull
Dec 12, 2014. Added Karl Wolfe, Pulp Fiction music, plus some more dinner music
Dec 17, 2014. Added Rob Zombie, Prince, Steve Earle.
Mar 23, 2015. Added Wham!, Jennifer Lopez, (dinner and cocktail music) Etta James, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Glenn Miller, Lionel Richie, (metal)Nirvana, Scorpions, Van Halen, Metallica, Garbage
May 7, 2015. Added High Valley, Mark Ronson, Lady Antebellum. June 12, 2015. Added some Flo Rida, Maroon 5, Zedd.

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