Packages, A-La-Carte Pricing And So Much More…

A La Carte Prices


DJ-Raj’s Rate: $1242 – 7 hours Play time
  • Overtime Rate: $100 per hour
  • Ceremony Audio: $420
  • 16 Uplights: $800
  • 8 Uplights: $400
  • Mirror Ball and Controller Lighting: $200
  • Insignia on a Moving Head: $450
  • $50 charge per hour outside of the National Capital (travel)
  • Custom Song Edit: $40
  • Additional Speakers: $60 ea.
  • HDMI Projector: $80
  • Line Array Speakers Choice*: $1000

Package 1

Package 2



Mirror Ball Demo

Package Prices

Expect These

Standard Features:

All our packages come with the following features:
  • Either a package 1 layout or package 2 layout (see images)
  • Wireless Mic
  • 2 Moving DJ LED Lights
  • Our light jazz Cocktail hour music and Dinner music
  • Create a wedding timeline easily
  • Choose music with the click of a button online
  • Pre-listen to many of your musical selections.
  • Create online playlists and do-not-playlists
  • Live Backup laptop
  • All equipment required to play music

Line Arrays


What are they and Why The Big Hype on Line Arrays?

Bose L1 Line Arrays and Built-in Subs

EV Evolve 50 – Line Arrays and Built-In Subs

Bose F1 Line Arrays and Subs

QSC Line Arrays with Subwoofers

  • Offer Larger Area Coverage and Distributed Sound – Using Some to Many Internally Angled Speakers
  • Subwoofers (the boxes on the bottom) that Accompany Offer Better Base Reproduction – For songs such as LMFAO – Shots
  • Are Higher Powered Speakers than Many Standard Speakers
  • Some Are Designed to Look Better Than Standard Speakers on Stands (See Images)
  • They Have Been Arranged in Order of Increasing Power – from Left To Right
  • Actual Combos Offered are listed in References
  • Our Listed Prices Covers the Line Array Speakers, And their Extra Freight/Labour Charges

Special References

References and Definitions from the Above Sections
No substitutions in the packages please. Add-ons can be added to packages to cover additional needs.

*Some of the available Choices include: 2 Evolve 50 + 2 ETX speakers (in rear) OR 2 Bose L1 + 2 Bose L1 Compact (in rear). For the 3K+ package, the following choices exist as well: 2 Bose F1 Arrays and 2 F1 Subwoofers + rear fill speakers, 4 QSC Line Arrays + 2 subwoofers + 2 QSC 12s (in rear).

Uplighting numbers will vary according to the venue and opportunities for decor – to be determined by the lighting specialist or the DJ – ProMixDJ will work towards the maximum deployment for as much tasteful decoration as is possible – employing upto 16 uplights. More, however, can be ordered by the client.

All options are subject to availability and venue constraints (eg: size of area covered by speakers) – occasionally demand exceeds supply… Substitutions of equivalent equipment in the case of unavailable options may be made – ProMixDJ will let you know if this occurs.

Freight and labour charges have been included in the packages.