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 Our Rates: 


Our Philosophy

We understand that everyone is not alike and at various times have different needs. So we aim to be flexible to entertain your requirements, as opposed to charging you for services you don't need.

Our Rate Varies Based on Occasion

Our hourly rate, therefore, depends on what you are trying to do. If it is a small home party of 20 people we couldn't ask you to pay the default rate for large corporate events, where the equipment required will be different*.

Community events, corporate events and weddings can have different rates depending on what investment in time, equipment and effort is required.

Rates start at:

  • $400 for 4 hours of a regular event (play time)
  • $700 for 7 hours of weddings (see paragraph below)
  • ceremonies can be included for weddings too

Our wedding charges indicate play time and we usually have a face-to-face meeting with you as well as help you plan the musical details of your wedding, adding between 5-15 hours more - which is all included in our quotes.

Our service area includes weddings in Toronto and Montreal - Call us to find out what we can offer in your area.

We may agree to match a competitor's current price. (Only applies to competitors that are professional DJs and/or have extensive experience and operate with comparable industry standard equipment - also subject to our availability).

Talk to Us About Your Budget

If you know what you expect or you would like our help deciding what is appropriate, call us and let us help you discover what can be done within your budget.

Our Calculations

We normally calculate our fees based on a minimum of 4 hours. In addition to our hourly rate we charge a small premium for equipment over and above the standard equipment for a given type of event.

This is of course changed for Toronto and Montreal respectively, as indicated above.

In order to be at par with the DJs in Toronto, we charge a $600 premium for events/weddings in Toronto. Montreal residents can expect to pay $400 extra for events and weddings performed there.

Extra Equipment Requests and Rates

The charge for extra equipment is usually between $10 and $75.

We have wireless mics, uplighting(beautiful wall lights that highlight in the background), more powerful speaker arrangements, mic stands, lasers, fog machines, projectors, projector screens - that are all rental options you can add to spruce up your event at surprisingly reasonable prices. Be sure to let us know of your interest in the extras - as some of them need to be booked early.

Note: If you see equipment for rent elsewhere that you would like to have for your party/event - Just let us know and we'll add the rental cost to the total amount for your party.

Package Options for Longer Events

For the longer events (8 hrs+) such as weddings we have packages that discount the regular rates. If you are interested in hearing about a package deal, give us a shout.

Our Standard Practice and Payment Options

Once a suitable arrangement is made, we usually require a signed contract along with a non-refundable deposit.

Contact us if you'd like a no-obligation discussion on what your requirements are and what your event will cost you. Payment options may be found here.

   DJ-Raj (Systems Engineer/DJ)

(serving the Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Toronto Regions)