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 Our Wedding Video Wall:


This is a wall of wedding videos of several video walls we've created for convenient viewing. They are all short videos, usually under 30 seconds each and the videos that belong to a specific event have been grouped together. Note: the videos have slightly reduced resolution where anyone might be clearly identified for legal purposes.

Exceptional Proof

Our videos are designed to offer exceptional proof of our abilities as we make sure that you get to see that the same DJ performs each one. Our equipment setup remains the same each time - and so you can feel confident that these video clips aren't simply taken from the Internet from any old site that has a dance video.


Some of the locations we've played at in no particular order are (and the list keeps growing):

  • Camp Fortune
  • A number of Small venues
  • Canadian Aviation Museum
  • Falcon Ridge Golf Club
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Rideau View Golf Club
  • St. Anthony's Banquet Hall


   DJ-Raj (Systems Engineer/DJ)